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“Just wanted to let you know I picked up one of your backpack sprayer racks from your dealer in Wilson, NC. We were down there playing golf last week (too hot for work!!) and stopped by and got it. Mounted it to my trailer and it works great. My guys really like it. We’ll be getting another one soon. Thanks for your help.” -Jimmy Williams, Quality Services of Lake Gaston

“I own one of your TrimmerTraps (holds 3) and have for about 7 years. I love it. I’ve probably sold a ton of them for you.” -Bubba Garrett, Garrett Services Kerrville, TX

“Your products are the best designed and the best quality of all the others I have used.” -Brad Crumpler, Picture Perfect Lawn Care High Point, NC

“I recently purchased your TT-2 trimmer rack from a local dealer and am very impressed with it! It installed easily to my 12 foot trailer. Thanks for making a product that is hassle free and built to last!” -Ryan R.

“I have two walk behind blade blockers and love them.” -Ray Steele, Nature Scape South Field, MI

“I have had one of your trimmer racks maybe 6 years or longer. Works just as good today as it did way back. Thank you for building such a wonderful piece of equipment. It truly has held up thru the years and kept my trimmers in good shape. Thanks.” -Tod Williams, Williams Landscape Maintenance Lubbock, TX

“Need to locate a dealer who sells the KK-1’s? I was in an accident recently and the pins held up very well considering the impact (30-40 mph), none of the pins broke and everything was pretty much where it belonged on the trailer and on the trimmer, blower and water cooler racks.” -Mike's Mowing and Excavating Smithsburg, MD

“I would love to get those fuel tags. I would have saved $200 on piston ring and cylinder head on a new blower.” -Matt Slidell, LA

“My name is Cory Otten, and I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your innovative products. Your equipment helps make my part-time commercial mowing operation run more smoothly and easily. I stumbled across your advertisement in Turf magazine. I noticed your website address, so I logged onto the internet to locate the closest dealer, and it was Gil’s Four Seasons in Evansville, IN. They impressed me with their informative and courteous staff. I was given a catalog with lots of products that would supplement my business. After looking in your catalog, I found that a TT-1 Trimmer Rack would outfit my trailer very well. Before, I became accustomed to expensive damage to my trimmer from riding in the back of my pick-up truck. Your rack helped to ease the abuse that is done to my trimmers on an everyday basis. It can be equipped with a string line holder, which I purchased also, that conveniently disperses trimmer line when I need it and keeps it from unwinding when I don’t. Another product that helped outfit my trailer like a pro was the ingenious product you make named the Kreeper Keeper. It installs easily in the floor, with a plate and a bracket on the mower, which allows a pin to slide through both, eliminating any movement. The price for this product is a lot cheaper than paying for the pricey damage done to the mower from rolling back and forth. The last product I would like to praise would be the DM-1 Bull Rider sulky. It may seem expensive, but it is well worth it in its durability to withstand everyday wear and tear. It was the perfect accessory for my John Deere 1330 Commercial Mower. I shopped around before the purchase and found that all other sulkies fell behind in comparison to the Bull Rider. It is smartly engineered to fit almost every mower on the market. It is also designed to tread behind the drive wheels of the mower to leave a yard looking perfect. I would like to thank you for making products with the commercial operator in mind. All of your accessories are not only easier on my equipment, but also on me. A day goes faster when I can get things done more efficiently. You sure have hit your aim to maintain the position of “number one” by providing your customers with the most comprehensive line of superior products through intelligent design. Just like your advertisement says, “You must make green, when the grass grows!”
A Satisfied Customer,
-Cory Otten Wheatland, IN



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