DB-1 Dual Blower Rack


DB-1 Dual Backpack Blower Rack

This is the blower rack to have when space and strength are important. The easy to use automatic positive latching mechanism is "Fast and Foolproof". Simply pull up on the latch mechansim and push back rotating arm to load or unload blowers. Constructed using 1 1/2" steel tubing and heavy duty components, the DB-1 is rugged enough to stand up to years of heavy commercial use.

•Locks with a standard long shackle padlock.
•Uses less trailer space than side by side single blower racks.
•Durable powder coat finish.
•Mounts to the upper rail and the trailers vertical post for stability.
•Some model blowers require the installation of a special adapter kit.
•Our RC-Rubber Clamps is perfect for securing blower tubes.


The AK-4 Adapter Kit is required for the following blowers for the BR-1 Blower Rack and DB-1:

Kawasaki KRB 650B, KRB 750A and KRB 750B;
Echo 403, 413, 460, 461, 610, 620, 650, 651, 750, and 751;
Husqvarna 356;
Shindaiwa EB802 and EB8520 

-All Stihl blowers require either the ST-2 STIHL Blower Rack (500 & 600 Series) or  Blower Rack. THIS RACK IS NOT RECOMENDED FOR BR 500 & 600 SERIES BLOWERS

Click Here to see the DB-1 Dual Back Pack Blower Rack Instructions and AK-4 Instructions Page 1, Page 2

Click here to see video of the DB-1

 Adjustable Backrest Bracket and Blower Rest Bracket  Pull Latch to Release Blowers
 To secure blowers simply move the rotating arm to close position. Latch will automatically engage.  Locks with a padlock.